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֬6B/Sepharose 6B


  • ţQS113774

  • CAS9012-36-6

  • 뷶Χ101034106

  • װ100

  • ƷƣPharmacia17-0110-01

  • Լ/Լ
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  • ֬6B/Sepharose 6Bϸϣ

    ֬6B BR 
    ӢƣSepharose 6B
    Optimal MW Separation range(globular proteins)10×1034×106
    Bead size range45165um
    Recommend linear flow rate14cm/h
    pH stabilitylong term and working,short term 49
    Chemical stabilityStable to all solutions commonly used in gel.filtration including 8 M urea and 6 M guanidine hydrochloride
    Physical stabilityNegligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength

    ֬6B/Sepharose 6Bϸϻӭѯ!

    ؼʣ֬6B/Sepharose 6B
    һҳ֬4B/Lysine Sepharose 4B

    һҳ֬4B/EAH Sepharose 4B

    1.˺ɫؿԭ(MAGE)ELISA Լ 2.Сȵԭ(PI)ELISA Լ 3.˻ø2(COX-2)ELISA Լ 4.˰׽12(IL-12/P70)ELISA Լ 5.˻(cGMP)ELISA Լ 6.˰׽12(IL-12/P40)ELISA Լ 7.Գάϸ4(bFGF-4)ELISA Լ 8.ټͷż(GnRH)ELISA Լ 9.3a(C3a)ELISA Լ 10.׽10(IL-10)ELISA Լ 11.˺ɫϸ̼(MSH)ELISA Լ 12.ȼ׻ϾC-25/CMϾC-25/CM Sephadex C-25 13.˺ϸ̼(ESF)ELISA Լ 14.򵰰E(IgE)ELISA Լ 15.˰׽6(IL-6)ELISA Լ 16.˰ϩE4(LTE4)ELISA Լ 17.СP(SP)ELISA Լ 18./ɵȻ//Curdlan 19.˾ϸ(MCF)ELISA Լ 20.˹DZ(OPG)ELISA Լ 21.˴ٻ弤(LH)ELISA Լ 22.DEAE֬FF/DEAE Sepharose FF 23.ԭ(gelson)ELISA Լ 24.Ȯм/ͪ(PROG)ELISA Լ 25.ȵ1(IGF-1)ELISA Լ 26.׽8(IL-8/CXCL8)ELISA Լ 27.СƬ3a(C3a)ELISA Լ 28.˦ø(IFN-)ELISA Լ 29.׽6(IL-6)ELISA Լ 30.׽4(IL-4)ELISA Լ 31.׽2(IL-2)ELISA Լ 32.˰ϩB4(LTB4) ELISA Լ 33.׽18(IL-18)Elisa Լ 34.׵(talin)ELISA Լ 35.鵰A֬FF/rProtein A Sepharose FF 36.(NGF)ELISA Լ 37.˺ɫתƱ𤸽(MMSAM)ELISA Լ 38.֬4FF/Octyl Sepharose 4FF 39.DNA֬FF/PlasmidSelect DNA 40.֬6FF(߷ֱ)/Phenyl Sepharose 6 Fast Flow (High sub) 41.֬CL-4B/Phenyl Sepharose CL-4B 42.(Ach)ELISA Լ 43.A֬CL-4B/ProteinA SepharoseCL-4B 44.˺ɫ(MART/Melan-A)ELISA Լ 45.֬FF/Sepharose FF/Chelating Sepharose FF 46.NTA֬6FF/֬6FF/Ni Sepharose 6 Fast Flow 47.SP֬FF/SP Sepharose Fast Flow 48.Ǽ׻֬FF/CM֬FF/CM Sepharose FF 49.ȼ׻֬CL-6B/CM֬CL-6B/CM Sepharose CL-6B 50.Q֬FF/Q Sepharose FF 51.֬6FF(ͷֱ)/Phenyl Sepharose 6 Fast Flow (low sub) 52.˴Ƥʼ(ACTH)ELISA Լ 53.Eѡ(E-Selectin/CD62E)ELISA Լ 54.SPϾC-25/SP Sephadex C-25 55.SPϾC-50/SP Sephadex C-50 56.˶Ͱ(DA)ELISA Լ 57.ϾQAE-A25/QAEϾA-25/QAE Sephadex A-25 58.ϾQAE-A50/QAEϾA-50/QAE Sephadex A-50 59.˾ϸػѧ1(AmAC-1)ELISA Լ 60.DEAEϾA-50/DEAE Sephadex A-50 61.СļƵע(cTn-)ELISA Լ 62.˰׽1(IL-1)ELISA Լ 63.֬2B/Sepharose 2B 64.֬4B/Sepharose 4B 65.5-AMP֬4B/5´-֬4B/5-AMP Sepharose 4B 66.ѪܻԳ(VIP)ELISA Լ 67.25-ADP֬4B/25-ADP Sepharose 4B 68.DEAEϾA-25/DEAE Sephadex A-25 69.֬/֬/״֬/Agarose 70.˺ϸ(EPO)ELISA Լ 71.Ȯƶ(E2)ELISA Լ 72.Ѫܽآ(ANG-)ELISA Լ 73.˺Ƽצ (sm Actinin- )ELISA Լ 74.Ȯ(FSH)ELISA Լ 75.Ȼ֬4B/ECH Sepharose 4B 76.˦¸(IFN-/IFNB)ELISA Լ 77.˻ϩ5֬ø(ALOX-5)ELISA Լ 78.Ѫܽأ1-7ELISA Լ 79.Сϸܿ(pANCA)ELISA Լ 80.SDS-PAGEʵͷ׼/ͷMARK/SDS-۱ϩӾͷ׼/ Mid/SDS-PAGE Molecular low weight markers for proteins 81.˼ø(ALP)ELISA Լ 82.Сʱ׼/СMARK/SDS-۱ϩӾС׼/Protein little MW marker 83.Ѫܽآתø(ACE)ELISAԼ 84.Ȯغͪ(T)ELISA Լ 85.ϾLH-20/Sephadex LH-20 86.NHS֬4FF/NHSȻ֬4FF 87.֬6B/Epoxy-activated Sepharose 6B 88.֬4B/EAH Sepharose 4B 89.֬4B/Lysine Sepharose 4B 90.֬4B/Arginine Sepharose 4B 91.GST֬4B/׸֬4B/Glutathione Sepharose 4B 92.˻ϩ(AA)ELISA Լ 93.ϾLH-60/Sephadex LH-60 94.˺ϸ(EPOR)ELISA Լ 95.ˮͨ1(AQP-1)ELISA Լ 96.СѪܽآ(Ang-)ELISA Լ 97.Ѫܽԭ(aGT)ELISA Լ 98.˺ɫϸ(MC Ab)ELISA Լ 99.ϸ(EPO)ELISA Լ 100.˸ܶ֬(HDL)ELISA Լ 101.֬4B/Gelatin Sepharose 4B 102.С5ø(5-NT)ELISA Լ 103.˺ϸĤ(EMP)ELISA Լ 104.֬4BA/Protein A-Sepharose 4B, Fast Flow from Staphylococcus aureus 105.˵ø(MAO)ELISA Լ 106.ѪƤϸ1(VEGFR-1)ELISA Լ 107.Ӧ(TNF-)ELISA Լ 108.˴ƶ(E2)ELISA Լ 109.ʽø3(MMP-3)ELISA Լ 110.˼״(T4)ELISA Լ 111.С֬Ե(MBP)ELISA Լ 112.СDZ(OPG)ELISA Լ 113.Сˮͨ2(AQP-2)ELISA Լ 114.ϸ1(SDF-1/CXCL12)ELISA Լ 115.̥(PLGF)ELISA Լ 116.Pѡ(P-Selectin/CD62P)ELISA Լ 117.Сڶ(ET)ELISA Լ 118.ѪƤϸ(VEGF)ELISA Լ 119.Ӧ(TNF-)ELISA Լ 120.תӦ1(TGF-1)ELISA Լ 121.˸¶(Mannose)ELISA Լ 122.˹γɵ6(BMP-6)ELISA Լ 123.֬CL-4B/Sepharose CL-4B 124.׽21IL-21ELISAԼ 125.֬CL-6B/Heparin Sepharose CL-6B 126.תӦ£TGF-£ELISAԼ 127.֬CL-4B/Heparin Sepharose CL-4B 128.նȩתøUDPGTELISAԼ 129.ȸģGlp-1ELISAԼ 130.򵰰ףMTELISAԼ 131.ɫ֬6FF/Red Sepharose 6FF 132.֬CL-6B/Sepharose CL-6B 133.֬6FF/Heparin Sepharose 6FF 134.ܶ֬ص1LRP-1ELISAԼ 135.֬CL-2B/Sepharose CL-2B 136.תڦTGFELISAԼ 137.󽵸ԭPCTELISAԼ 138.ϾG-15/ϾG-15/Sephadex G-15 139.˻ԭ͹׸ģGSHELISAԼ 140.һNOELISAԼ 141.˰׽10IL-10ELISAԼ 142.֬4FF/Benzamidine Sepharose 4 Fast Flow (high sub) 143.ϾG-10/ϾG-10/Sephadex G-10 144.ϾG-25/ϾG-25/Sephadex G-25 145.ϾG-50/ϾG-50/Sephadex G-50 146.ϾG-75/ϾG-75/Sephadex G-75 147.ϾG-100/ϾG-100/Sephadex G-100 148.˻֧غ濹ELISAԼ 149.ȮѪѪѲӣVWFELISAԼ 150.أHepcELISAԼ 151.ļƵIscTnIELISAԼ 152.ϾG-200/ϾG-200/Sephadex G-200 153.򵰰AIgAELISAԼ 154.֬4B/Butyl Sepharose 4B 155.֬4FF/Butyl Sepharose 4FF 156.ϾG-150/ϾG-150/Sephadex G-150 157.֬4FF/Sepharose 4FF 158.TNF-Bø߷ELISAԼ 159.GST֬4FF/׸֬4FF/Glutathione Sepharose 4FF 160.ϸ1CINC-1ELISAԼ 161.hEDA DuoSet Econ Pk (1 PK) 162.hIL-18 BPa Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 163.rNotch-2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 164.hEpiregulin Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 165.hCystatin C Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 166.mGalectin-3 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 167.hTWEAK R Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 168.hCystatin D Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 169.mIL-20 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 170.hIL-17B R Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 171.hNgR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 172.hEG-VEGF/PK1 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 173.hGHR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 174.rGHR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 175.h/m/r p53 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 176.hTACE DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 177.hPro-Cathepsin B DuoSet (1 KT) 178.hCathepsin L DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 179.hCathepsin L DuoSet (1 KT) 180.hADAM9 DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 181.hADAM9 DuoSet (1 KT) 182.hFGF-16 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 183.m4-1BB DuoSet (1 KT) 184.hEDA DuoSet (1 KT) 185.hTACE DuoSet (1 KT) 186.hACE DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 187.hACE DuoSet (1 KT) 188.hAng-1 DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 189.hAng-1 DuoSet (1 KT) 190.mIFN-g R2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 191.m4-1BB DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 192.hFactor II Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 193.hJAM-C Biot Aff Pur Pab (50 UG) 194.mNGF R/p75 NTR Bt Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 195.mH60 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 196.hGalectin-3 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 197.hGalectin-2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 198.hLivin Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 199.mSerpin F1 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG)