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Ȼ֬4B/ECH Sepharose 4B


  • ţQS113780

  • BR

  • װ25

  • ƷƣPharmacia 17-0571-01

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  • Ȼ֬4B/ECH Sepharose 4Bϸϣ

    Ȼ֬4B BR 
    ӢƣECH Sepharose 4B
    Active groupCarboxyl group
    Active group concentration12-16umoles carboxyl groups/ml drained matrix
    Spacer6-aminohexanoic acid(10 atom)
    Coupling capacityApplication dependent
    Bead structure4% agarose
    Bead size range45165um
    Mean bead size90um
    Max linear flow rate75cm/h at 25棻HR 16/10 column5cm bed height
    pH stabilitylong term and working,short term 314
    Chemical stabilityStable to all commonly used aqueous buffers
    Physical stabilityNegligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength

    Ȼ֬4B/ECH Sepharose 4Bϸϻӭѯ!

    ؼʣȻ֬4B/ECH Sepharose 4B
    һҳ֬4B/EAH Sepharose 4B


    1.˺ɫؿԭ(MAGE)ELISA Լ 2.Сȵԭ(PI)ELISA Լ 3.˻ø2(COX-2)ELISA Լ 4.˰׽12(IL-12/P70)ELISA Լ 5.˻(cGMP)ELISA Լ 6.˰׽12(IL-12/P40)ELISA Լ 7.Գάϸ4(bFGF-4)ELISA Լ 8.ټͷż(GnRH)ELISA Լ 9.3a(C3a)ELISA Լ 10.׽10(IL-10)ELISA Լ 11.˺ɫϸ̼(MSH)ELISA Լ 12.ȼ׻ϾC-25/CMϾC-25/CM Sephadex C-25 13.˺ϸ̼(ESF)ELISA Լ 14.򵰰E(IgE)ELISA Լ 15.˰׽6(IL-6)ELISA Լ 16.˰ϩE4(LTE4)ELISA Լ 17.СP(SP)ELISA Լ 18./ɵȻ//Curdlan 19.˾ϸ(MCF)ELISA Լ 20.˹DZ(OPG)ELISA Լ 21.˴ٻ弤(LH)ELISA Լ 22.DEAE֬FF/DEAE Sepharose FF 23.ԭ(gelson)ELISA Լ 24.Ȯм/ͪ(PROG)ELISA Լ 25.ȵ1(IGF-1)ELISA Լ 26.׽8(IL-8/CXCL8)ELISA Լ 27.СƬ3a(C3a)ELISA Լ 28.˦ø(IFN-)ELISA Լ 29.׽6(IL-6)ELISA Լ 30.׽4(IL-4)ELISA Լ 31.׽2(IL-2)ELISA Լ 32.˰ϩB4(LTB4) ELISA Լ 33.׽18(IL-18)Elisa Լ 34.׵(talin)ELISA Լ 35.鵰A֬FF/rProtein A Sepharose FF 36.(NGF)ELISA Լ 37.˺ɫתƱ𤸽(MMSAM)ELISA Լ 38.֬4FF/Octyl Sepharose 4FF 39.DNA֬FF/PlasmidSelect DNA 40.֬6FF(߷ֱ)/Phenyl Sepharose 6 Fast Flow (High sub) 41.֬CL-4B/Phenyl Sepharose CL-4B 42.(Ach)ELISA Լ 43.A֬CL-4B/ProteinA SepharoseCL-4B 44.˺ɫ(MART/Melan-A)ELISA Լ 45.֬FF/Sepharose FF/Chelating Sepharose FF 46.NTA֬6FF/֬6FF/Ni Sepharose 6 Fast Flow 47.SP֬FF/SP Sepharose Fast Flow 48.Ǽ׻֬FF/CM֬FF/CM Sepharose FF 49.ȼ׻֬CL-6B/CM֬CL-6B/CM Sepharose CL-6B 50.Q֬FF/Q Sepharose FF 51.֬6FF(ͷֱ)/Phenyl Sepharose 6 Fast Flow (low sub) 52.˴Ƥʼ(ACTH)ELISA Լ 53.Eѡ(E-Selectin/CD62E)ELISA Լ 54.SPϾC-25/SP Sephadex C-25 55.SPϾC-50/SP Sephadex C-50 56.˶Ͱ(DA)ELISA Լ 57.ϾQAE-A25/QAEϾA-25/QAE Sephadex A-25 58.ϾQAE-A50/QAEϾA-50/QAE Sephadex A-50 59.˾ϸػѧ1(AmAC-1)ELISA Լ 60.DEAEϾA-50/DEAE Sephadex A-50 61.СļƵע(cTn-)ELISA Լ 62.˰׽1(IL-1)ELISA Լ 63.֬2B/Sepharose 2B 64.֬4B/Sepharose 4B 65.5-AMP֬4B/5´-֬4B/5-AMP Sepharose 4B 66.ѪܻԳ(VIP)ELISA Լ 67.25-ADP֬4B/25-ADP Sepharose 4B 68.DEAEϾA-25/DEAE Sephadex A-25 69.֬/֬/״֬/Agarose 70.˺ϸ(EPO)ELISA Լ 71.Ȯƶ(E2)ELISA Լ 72.Ѫܽآ(ANG-)ELISA Լ 73.˺Ƽצ (sm Actinin- )ELISA Լ 74.Ȯ(FSH)ELISA Լ 75.֬4B/EAH Sepharose 4B 76.˦¸(IFN-/IFNB)ELISA Լ 77.˻ϩ5֬ø(ALOX-5)ELISA Լ 78.Ѫܽأ1-7ELISA Լ 79.Сϸܿ(pANCA)ELISA Լ 80.SDS-PAGEʵͷ׼/ͷMARK/SDS-۱ϩӾͷ׼/ Mid/SDS-PAGE Molecular low weight markers for proteins 81.˼ø(ALP)ELISA Լ 82.Сʱ׼/СMARK/SDS-۱ϩӾС׼/Protein little MW marker 83.Ѫܽآתø(ACE)ELISAԼ 84.Ȯغͪ(T)ELISA Լ 85.ϾLH-20/Sephadex LH-20 86.NHS֬4FF/NHSȻ֬4FF 87.֬6B/Epoxy-activated Sepharose 6B 88.֬6B/Sepharose 6B 89.֬4B/Lysine Sepharose 4B 90.֬4B/Arginine Sepharose 4B 91.GST֬4B/׸֬4B/Glutathione Sepharose 4B 92.˻ϩ(AA)ELISA Լ 93.ϾLH-60/Sephadex LH-60 94.˺ϸ(EPOR)ELISA Լ 95.ˮͨ1(AQP-1)ELISA Լ 96.СѪܽآ(Ang-)ELISA Լ 97.Ѫܽԭ(aGT)ELISA Լ 98.˺ɫϸ(MC Ab)ELISA Լ 99.ϸ(EPO)ELISA Լ 100.˸ܶ֬(HDL)ELISA Լ 101.֬4B/Gelatin Sepharose 4B 102.С5ø(5-NT)ELISA Լ 103.˺ϸĤ(EMP)ELISA Լ 104.֬4BA/Protein A-Sepharose 4B, Fast Flow from Staphylococcus aureus 105.˵ø(MAO)ELISA Լ 106.ѪƤϸ1(VEGFR-1)ELISA Լ 107.Ӧ(TNF-)ELISA Լ 108.˴ƶ(E2)ELISA Լ 109.ʽø3(MMP-3)ELISA Լ 110.˼״(T4)ELISA Լ 111.С֬Ե(MBP)ELISA Լ 112.СDZ(OPG)ELISA Լ 113.Сˮͨ2(AQP-2)ELISA Լ 114.ϸ1(SDF-1/CXCL12)ELISA Լ 115.̥(PLGF)ELISA Լ 116.Pѡ(P-Selectin/CD62P)ELISA Լ 117.Сڶ(ET)ELISA Լ 118.ѪƤϸ(VEGF)ELISA Լ 119.Ӧ(TNF-)ELISA Լ 120.תӦ1(TGF-1)ELISA Լ 121.˸¶(Mannose)ELISA Լ 122.˹γɵ6(BMP-6)ELISA Լ 123.֬CL-4B/Sepharose CL-4B 124.׽21IL-21ELISAԼ 125.֬CL-6B/Heparin Sepharose CL-6B 126.תӦ£TGF-£ELISAԼ 127.֬CL-4B/Heparin Sepharose CL-4B 128.նȩתøUDPGTELISAԼ 129.ȸģGlp-1ELISAԼ 130.򵰰ףMTELISAԼ 131.ɫ֬6FF/Red Sepharose 6FF 132.֬CL-6B/Sepharose CL-6B 133.֬6FF/Heparin Sepharose 6FF 134.ܶ֬ص1LRP-1ELISAԼ 135.֬CL-2B/Sepharose CL-2B 136.תڦTGFELISAԼ 137.󽵸ԭPCTELISAԼ 138.ϾG-15/ϾG-15/Sephadex G-15 139.˻ԭ͹׸ģGSHELISAԼ 140.һNOELISAԼ 141.˰׽10IL-10ELISAԼ 142.֬4FF/Benzamidine Sepharose 4 Fast Flow (high sub) 143.ϾG-10/ϾG-10/Sephadex G-10 144.ϾG-25/ϾG-25/Sephadex G-25 145.ϾG-50/ϾG-50/Sephadex G-50 146.ϾG-75/ϾG-75/Sephadex G-75 147.ϾG-100/ϾG-100/Sephadex G-100 148.˻֧غ濹ELISAԼ 149.ȮѪѪѲӣVWFELISAԼ 150.أHepcELISAԼ 151.ļƵIscTnIELISAԼ 152.ϾG-200/ϾG-200/Sephadex G-200 153.򵰰AIgAELISAԼ 154.֬4B/Butyl Sepharose 4B 155.֬4FF/Butyl Sepharose 4FF 156.ϾG-150/ϾG-150/Sephadex G-150 157.֬4FF/Sepharose 4FF 158.TNF-Bø߷ELISAԼ 159.GST֬4FF/׸֬4FF/Glutathione Sepharose 4FF 160.ϸ1CINC-1ELISAԼ 161.hEDA DuoSet Econ Pk (1 PK) 162.hIL-18 BPa Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 163.rNotch-2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 164.hEpiregulin Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 165.hCystatin C Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 166.mGalectin-3 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 167.hTWEAK R Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 168.hCystatin D Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 169.mIL-20 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 170.hIL-17B R Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 171.hNgR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 172.hEG-VEGF/PK1 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 173.hGHR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 174.rGHR Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 175.h/m/r p53 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 176.hTACE DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 177.hPro-Cathepsin B DuoSet (1 KT) 178.hCathepsin L DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 179.hCathepsin L DuoSet (1 KT) 180.hADAM9 DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 181.hADAM9 DuoSet (1 KT) 182.hFGF-16 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 183.m4-1BB DuoSet (1 KT) 184.hEDA DuoSet (1 KT) 185.hTACE DuoSet (1 KT) 186.hACE DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 187.hACE DuoSet (1 KT) 188.hAng-1 DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 189.hAng-1 DuoSet (1 KT) 190.mIFN-g R2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 191.m4-1BB DuoSet Econ Pack (1 PK) 192.hFactor II Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 193.hJAM-C Biot Aff Pur Pab (50 UG) 194.mNGF R/p75 NTR Bt Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 195.mH60 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 196.hGalectin-3 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 197.hGalectin-2 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 198.hLivin Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG) 199.mSerpin F1 Biot Aff Pur PAb (50 UG)